Everyone’s tax situation is different

Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Your tax preparation interview can be conducted either in person, by mail, or email - whichever is most convenient for you. Whatever your circumstances may be, we are here to give you the best advice to help you.

Whether you need current year returns prepared or need to plan for retirement or your child’s education, our professional team can assist you with all of your needs.

You can count on us for professional, timely and reliable services, which include the following:

  • Personal & Business Tax Returns

  • Estate, Gift & Trust Returns

  • Out-of-State & Multi-State Returns

  • Payroll & Sales Tax Reporting

  • Individual & Business Tax Planning

  • Authorized IRS E-file Provider


 Let’s take the mystery out of the unknown and do some tax planning and dial in those estimated tax payments.

We start with a simple questionnaire to get the creative juices flowing… 


  • What is your business income after expenses for this year? How about next year?
  • What is your expected salary or wage that will be paid to you and other shareholders?
  • What will be your Roth IRA contribution? Traditional IRA?
  • Will you or do you have a 401k? If so, what will be your contribution? Will there be a company or profit sharing contribution?
  • How much cash can you separate with for retirement planning? $20k? $50k? $100k?
  • Are you paying for health insurance premiums out of pocket? HSA?
  • Does your spouse have income? If so, what is the source and how much?
  • Any other income such as interest, dividends, capital gains, rental income, pension income, rental property sale, etc.?
  • What is your state of residency?
  • Are you or will you qualify as an Expatriate, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?
  • What is your current business entity? LLC? Partnership? S Corp election?


Tax deductions and tax deferrals are not the same. Tax deferrals are potential future liabilities; little IOU’s  But if you use the immediate tax savings to build wealth, then a tax deferral is worth it. Deferring taxes to pay for a cruise vacation might not  be the best approach (then again, live a little!).

You want to match the highest tax deduction to the high income. Let’s say it’s December and you are considering buying a piece of equipment. If next year’s income is going to be significantly higher, wouldn’t it make sense to wait until January to complete the purchase? Probably.